Sky's the limit © Jérôme Thomas

Wednesday 22 June 2022 ↦ 19h30

Screening of the feature film "Sky's the limit"

Meeting with its director Jérôme Thomas

From the monumental facades of Ukraine to those of Poland or Paris, this feature film documents the exploits of graffiti and mural artists from Paris and elsewhere.

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Jérôme Thomas' camera has lost nothing of the working conditions of these extreme artists. Sometimes shot with Go-pro from nacelles perched several tens of meters high, sometimes during confidential interviews, his film traces the history of Neo-muralism. The director has met the greatest, those who have gone - physically and plastically - the highest: Katre, Stew, Inti, Astro, Vhils, and so many others. It thus documents the construction of the highest fresco in Europe: the "Tourbillon de sardines", which the artist Pantonio did on one of the towers of the 13th arrondissement. Nearby, Stew's monumental "Blue Heron" completes the creation of a huge open-air bestiary in Paris.

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Sky's the limit © Jérôme Thomas