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Tuesday 16 April 2019 ↦ de 9h à 17h

More lively than dead!

Animal in Heritage Student Student Student Day
If the animals live in the imagination of men, they also populate the cultural institutions, sometimes considered as "harmful" creatures, sometimes valued as collectibles or artistic creation materials. The presence of live animals in the context of heritage places has often been approached from the unique perspective of nuisance, and the detriment of a larger analysis of their cohabitation with visitors and heritage professionals.

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From this meeting between the natural and the cultural, between the living and the patrimonial, is born a complex relationship that poses many practical, ethical and philosophical questions. What is the place of animal living in this context and its role in the evolution of cultural policies? How do the professional conservation and exhibition practices integrate its presence or even benefit from it? These questions invite you to consider new forms of interactions with the animal. By exceeding the simple ratio of eradication or tourism and genetic valuation, it will be interested in the almost symbiotic relationship that binds the man to the animal in heritage spaces perceived as so many live ecosystems .

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