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Wednesday 26 June 2019 ↦ À 19h30

The animality that comes

Meeting with writers Jean Rolin and Antoine Volodine
While transhumanist mirages opposes the increasingly palpable stake to survive in the ruins, the works of Jean Rolin and Antoine Volodine each tell him in their own way, the human who comes can not be dissociated From the animal - Kurdish Tracking or palatla - and other living like the crazy herbs he takes with him in his "radiant terminus". One can, to think, to draw from the drool and adventurous energy that emerges from the novels and chronicles to the iconoclastic ecology of Jean Rolin, or in the intensity of speech that moves the characters wandering in the oozing cities, the Savanes irradiated or the entremonds of the novels of Antoine Volodine and its many avatars. An evening proposed by the Tinker Journal and Anne Simon as part of the "Animoos" and "the human coming" research groups, in collaboration with Fresnoy - National Studio of Contemporary Arts.

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