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Thursday 6 June 2019 ↦ à 20h

Turrets to see Kougelhopf Totenkopf

Singular tour with Erik Nussbicker
Erik Nussbicker presents his project of great turret meditation miradors to see, his inks with the massacre nuts of spring and the bone instruments of 33 t apokatastasis. The tasting of kougelhopfs and breads from the singular culinary muslin kougelhopftototenkopf will come to close this visit.

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The artist is not at his first skull-shaped mold. Decorative symbolic forms from the blows of Souffleenheim emphasize festivals and calendar traditions. The feast of the dead was so far orphaned about culinary mussels. The Alsatian origins of the artist, added to the invitation launched by the wind of forests, art center in rural areas (Meuse), remedies it by allowing this iconoclastic edition to see the light of day. Created by Erik Nussbicker, artisanal filiation is provided by the pottery G. Wehrling & Girl: Peggy Wehrling.

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© Erik Nussbicker, 2018