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Wednesday 5 June 2019 ↦ à 19h30

The deer

Performative and sound installation of Erik Nussbicker
Sound memory of the bones of a deer at the crossroads of nature and spiritual. The bones of a deer skeleton are opened, like so many wind instruments, percussion, and strings. They restore a restorative memory related to the origins of humanity, the sounds of nature. This recital offers the "deer" a post-mortem life, to the confluence of cultures and forms of expression.

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Timeless work, it sends us back to our farthest hominidist past, at the birth of the first bone objects. In the present, she challenges us about our death state. In the future, she raises the question of becoming our materiality. "The deer" sharpens the senses, arouses questions or appeasement. His stripped dramaturgy is conducive to listening to phenomena and improvisation. Each representation is a new shared experience with the public.

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