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Wednesday 30 March 2022 ↦ 19h30 à minuit

Bear Festival

Fourth edition
The Bear Festival returns for its fourth edition at the Museum! In every man sleeps a bear... which wakes up during a festive and bestial carnival when the animal comes out of its den.

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The Bear Festival is still celebrated every year in several villages of Haut-Vallespir, in the Pyrénées Orientales. Dressed in sheepskins and smeared with soot and black oil, bear-men roam the village and "chew" the women who are in their path. Pursued by hunters, they are finally captured and " shaved " to regain human form. The bipedalism, stature and strength of the bear have made it a powerful and dark alter ego, which populates myths and tales in all the cultures that have known it. Come and bring out the bear that is in you the time of our Bear Festival, dancing and costumed, punctuated by an ambitious cultural program. A resolutely contemporary reinterpretation of these rituals, the Bear Festival at the Museum of Hunting and Nature hosts three performances around this animal and deploys a varied program with installations, dance and projection. Ecole du Louvre students will meet visitors to highlight masterpieces from the permanent collection!

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