from June 5 to September 2 2018

"France-Israel 2018 season"
Ori Gersstht and Zadok Ben-David

The Musée de la Chasse et de la Nature is participating in the 2018 France-Israel Season, presenting works by two Israeli artists.

Falling bird by artist Ori Gersht is inspired by 18th century painter Jean Siméon Chardin's still life, titled A green-necked duck tied to the wall and a periwinkle (museum collection). The film reveals a suspended duck, suddenly splitting a shimmering black surface, collapsing into its own reflection. The impact of the bird penetrating the liquid surface, and the triggering of a tremendous chain reaction, evokes the idea of an ecological disaster. Ori Gersht explores the relationship between photography and technology.

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Zadock Ben-David's Blackfield is an installation composed of hundreds of metal flowers cut out and planted in a thin layer of sand. Taken from Victorian encyclopedias of the 19th century, these plants compose a sort of immense three-dimensional toile de Jouy or Liberty. The artist's work plays with perception and perspective, while the obverse and reverse of the work question life and death.


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