from September 29 2023 to February 4 2024

Moi Balbuzard Migrand
Maria Loizidou


In the museum courtyard, four large wire sails, suspended in the air, dance in the wind. Made by hand, each awning is dedicated to a season and to the migratory birds that fly over Paris throughout the year.

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For spring, a bloom of cherry blossoms and forsythias welcome the arrival of kingfishers, woodpeckers, goldfinches and barn swallows. The scents of lavender announce summer and the return of the white stork, the wheatear and the wagtail. Then, surrounded by a garland of vine leaves, the osprey signals autumn. Finally, the great egret, the great cormorant, the northern finch and a pair of wood pigeons portend a harsh winter. A decor of crocuses and holly complete this last canopy. its constant movements and changes in life. At the heart of this proposal is the question of immigration with reference to migratory birds in France. “Among these migrants, the artist summons an intruder, the sedentary sultana hen, the one painted by François Desportes (1661 – 1743) that can be found in the museum’s collections (Blue Room, 1st floor). Like a guide, she invites us to continue the visit in the museum where Maria Loizidou presents around twenty works. before the most delicate and smallest pieces of its production. Together, works from the museum and works by the artist create new narratives highlighting the richness of coexistence and the power of hospitality. The artist uses this invitation to the Musée de la Chasse et de la Nature to re-examine his work and engages us in a meditation on our own journey in life, recalling the importance of accepting diversity and the fragility of our existence.Moi Osprey Migrant, invites us to reflect on our link with the living world and the need to adapt to survive in a constantly changing world


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