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Wednesday 18 January 2023 ↦ 19h30


Screening of the film by Jérôme Boivin (1989) followed by a debate with Philippe Rouyer

"Beware of the Thinking Dog…" Baxter's Tagline Warning, Jérôme Boivin's debut feature film, co-written with Jacques Audiard based on the novel Killers Like No Other, is remembered by all those who had the chance to confront this unclassifiable film.

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A funny amoral tale seen through the eyes of a dog who thinks and comments on the action in voiceover. Like Cujo's Saint Bernard (Lewis Teague, 1983) and the white Swiss shepherd in Trained to Kill (Samuel Fuller, 1982), Baxter's bull terrier is part of the exciting line of bad dogs in cinema. With however, at the heart of Baxter, which flirts with the fantastic while confining the action to a realistic framework, a reversal of thought which gives its richness to the film. How do dogs view humans? How does the staging address this questioning? By questioning the notions of bestiality and humanity, it is indeed the reinterpretation of the master-slave relationship that this film offers, as captivating as it is disturbing. Film critic and historian, Philippe Rouyer regularly contributes to the review on cinema "Positif". , on the programs "Mauvais Genres" on France-Culture and "Le Cercle" on Canal+.

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Baxter - hd_france.jpg
© 1989 Studio Canal – Aliceleo – ISSA (Suisse)