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from May 16 to May 28 2017

«Sentiment de la licorne»
Sentiment de la licorne

On the occasion of the exhibition "Sentiment de la licorne" at the Musée de la Chasse et de la Nature, the Maison Cire Trudon imagines an olfactory journey: throughout the rooms and cabinets, four perfumes illustrate the permanent collections in different ways by interacting with them. Offbeat or racy, the perfumes compose an olfactory landscape that is superimposed on the works presented. Antoine Lie, an accomplished perfumer, was inspired by the dreamlike atmosphere of the rooms to add an extra dimension to the museum's reading. A man of contrasts, known for his ability to assemble seemingly contradictory materials and create surprise, the French nose was driven by this desire to deepen the dream.

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Sometimes in complete immersion, sometimes in a targeted way, the visitor discovers four olfactory universes. The green silk cabinet of Diana is a tribute to the goddess of the hunt, the forest and the night. In the cabinet of the Unicorn, dark and fantastic, the perfume accentuates the mysterious and chimerical character of this imaginary animal. Will you be able to find the other two universes in the permanent collections of the museum?

Sentiment : hunting term which designates the smell left by any animal on its passage and which indicates its presence more or less close.



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