Sophie Calle and her guest Serena Carone

Sophie Calle et son invitée Serena Carone

FROM OCTOBER 10th 2017 TO FEBRUAR 11th 2018

Sophie Calle et son invitée Serena Carone

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Exhibition curator :
Sonia Voss

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Public opening :
Wednesday 11th October ,
from 6pm to 9:30pm,
Free entry

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24, 25, 26, 27, 31 octobre,
2, 3 novembre 2017,
3, 4, 5 janvier 2018

de 11h à 12h

Visite-conférence, sous la conduite d’un conférencier, de l’exposition temporaire « Beau doublé, Monsieur le marquis ! » de Sophie Calle et Serena Carone.
10€ / participant, inscription obligatoire.




Sophie Calle has been invited to exhibit at the Musée de la Chasse et de la Nature.

Curated by Sonia Voss, the exhibition will be the first presentation in a French museum that covers several decades of the artist’s work, since her retrospective held in the Pompidou Centre in 2003.


Sophie Calle’s work is built along the porous interface between autobiography and fictional narrative. The existential questions of perception, otherness, friendship and death lie in juxtaposition at the heart of her work, transcended by rituals and by play.

The exhibition is not only an opportunity to rediscover certain of the artist’s works in the unusual context of the museum’s collections but also to unveil new works created specially for the occasion.

Throughout her creative career, Sophie Calle has often borrowed certain of the emblematic facets of hunting. Her early works were the result of « stalking » strangers she came across in the street. She has also reversed the roles, becoming the prey when she hired a private detective to follow her and record her every move.  Love, the reason for a different type of manhunt, provides a common thread running through her work, extended here by drawing on “lonely hearts” columns to provide the inspiration for two new works.

Sophie Calle’s creations also offer the animal kingdom a major role, from close intimate companions to fantastical creatures, a menagerie of stuffed animals that occupies an essential space in her life. Each is a representative, establishing an emotional link to someone close. The menagerie that fills her world now occupies the rooms of the Musée de la Chasse et de la Nature for the duration of the exhibition. She has taken over the museum, making it her « territory », marked out with clues to her presence. She incites a new feeling of apprehension in the visitor, inviting them to join the hunt. Through the decorative profusion that fills the rooms, they are drawn to seek that which reveals their own personal experience.

The artist Serena Carone was invited by Sophie Calle to create a dialogue within the exhibition and presents several works from her own artistic bestiary. Her work constitutes a cabinet of curiosities born of experimentation and using widely varied materials. The very opposite of Sophie Calle’s conceptual work, Serena Carone offers a world filled with wonder yet one that disquiets; a unique view of the living world and its relationship with death.



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