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from October 10 2017 to February 11 2018

"Sophie Calle and her guest Serena Carone"
Sophie Calle and her guest Serena Carone

Curator of the exhibition: Sonia Voss

The Musée de la Chasse et de la Nature invites Sophie Calle to take over its rooms. Curated by Sonia Voss, the exhibition will be the first museum presentation in France to cover several decades of the artist's work, since her retrospective at the Centre Pompidou in 2003.

Sophie Calle's work is built on the porous borders between autobiography and fictional narrative. At the heart of her work are existential questions of the gaze, otherness, friendship and death, transcended by ritual and play. The exhibition will allow us to rediscover some of the artist's pieces in the singular context of the museum's collections and will also reveal works specially conceived for the occasion.

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Sophie Calle's method of creation borrows certain aspects from the practice of hunting. Thus, she became known by practicing "tracking" anonymous people she met in the street. Changing roles, she has also taken on that of the prey and entrusted a private detective with the task of following her actions. The pursuit of love, another variant of the manhunt, runs through her work like a red thread, prolonged here by dating ads, the source of inspiration for two new works.

On Sophie Calle's path, we also find animals, sometimes intimate companions, sometimes fantastical creatures. Naturalized animals even occupy an essential place in her life. She attributes to them a function of representation, establishing an emotional connection with the world of her loved ones. The stuffed menagerie that populates her universe comes to inhabit the rooms of the Musée de la Chasse et de la Nature for the duration of the exhibition.

Making the museum her "territory", she inserts her own works and thus incites the visitor to a new apprehension, inviting him to track down in the decorative profusion of the rooms what belongs to his intimate experience.

The artist Serena Carone has been invited by Sophie Calle to dialogue with her within the exhibition and will present several objects from her artistic bestiary. Her work constitutes a sort of cabinet of curiosities born of experimentation and the work of the most diverse materials. At the antipodes of Sophie Calle's conceptual approach, Serena Carone proposes a world that is both marvelous and disturbing and poses a singular look at the living world and its relationship to death.


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