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WEDNESDAY 18 APRIL 2018, at 19H30

Discussion between Lucienne Strivay, anthropologist, Pauline Bertrand, artist and restorer of stuffed animals and Pierre-Antoine Gérard, director of the Museum-aquarium of Nancy.

There are few traces of thylacine, discovered by Westerners in 1805 and quickly decimated only to disappear in 1936. Intrigued by a strange taxidermy of one of the rare naturalized specimens in the world, Pauline Bertrand, artist and conservator-restorer of animals naturalized, immersed himself in the myths that surround the "Tasmanian tiger" ... In the reserves of the Museum-aquarium of Nancy are finds one of the hundred taxidermies of thylacine ever made ... and yet with many errors.

What representations did the author rely on? Pauline Bertrand will present her thylacine specimen in dialogue with the anthropologist Lucienne Strivay and Pierre-Antoine Gérard, director of the Nancy Museum-aquarium.

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