Bear Party at the Museum

In every man, a bear sleeps… which wakes up during a festive and bestial carnival when the animal comes out of its den. The Bear Festival is still celebrated every year in three villages of Haut-Vallespir, in the Pyrénées Orientales. Dressed in sheepskins and smeared with soot and black oil, bear-men roam the village and "chew" on the women who are in their path. Pursued by hunters, they are finally captured and "shaved" to regain form. human. 

The bipedalism, stature and strength of the bear have made him a powerful and dark alter ego, which populates the myths and tales in all the cultures that have known him. Come and bring out the bear that is in you during our bear party, dancing and costumed, punctuated by metamorphoses, projections and readings.

In the program :

A monumental video and sound installation designed by Vivianne Perelmuter and Philippe Langlois projected in the museum courtyard (with the support of the ONCFS)
Flash conferences by researchers specializing in ursine rites and metamorphic performances by Jade & Cyril, Cie du Singe Debout to discover in the museum rooms until 21:30 p.m.
Costumes and ritual objects to contemplate coming straight from the Pyrenees
An artwork created by the plumassier artist Julien Vermeulen
A wild DJ set by InRocKs Steady Crew: Dj Sandman and Meshwee for a wild set and get into the dance
An animal photocall imagined by artist Mehryl Levisse to immortalize the moment

But also:

Cocktails of L'Ours Bar and the craft beer from the Brasserie De L'Ours to taste at low prices
Hot dogs by Hutch Hotdog House with its Vespa food truck to treat hungry bears

Cloakroom on site
Last admission 23 p.m.
Free entry on mandatory reservation

Video link

© Mehryl Levisse, A morning in a pine forest, 2016