SUNDAY 10 SEPTEMBER 2017, from 18h to 22h, continuous


Marlène Saldana & Jonathan Drillet (The United Patriotic Squadrons of Blessed Diana)

When Ulysses finally found Penelope, he had completed her work, she had completed her web, and the boredom of the old days lay in wait for them. Penelope was not in great shape, Ulysses had not fully recovered from the brain damage caused by the siren song: something had to be done. Autolycos' sons, who had training in art therapy, offered to pass on their experience through art: henceforth they would hold a living room every Sunday evening, Pénélope would embark on body art and contact dance, Ulysses in the experimental lecture-lecture, and the sons of Autolycos in the song of gestures "revisited".

To accommodate the public, they needed a place: Autolycos, who was a great hunter, knew the director of the Museum of Hunting and Nature well, where some of the animals killed by Ulysses were also exhibited. Their first Sunday fair, titled for the occasion "SOIR ORAGEUX LES GENS PASSENT" would therefore be held at 62 rue des Archives, in Paris. In memory of their last hunt for game, during which Ulysses had been struck in the knee by a boar, they agreed to place themselves at the crossroads of the art of hunting and the performing arts, and they launched into a reflection on the extinction of species. Pénélope proposed to reactivate a performance by Joseph Beuys explaining paintings to a dead hare, while Ulysses rather evoked a full reading of Raboliot by Maurice Genevoix by Dick Rivers. The sons of Autolycos, meanwhile, had always considered that “nothing beats a good old Homer modernized from behind the bundles”.

Will they end up opting for an oriental ballet on the theme of the mermaid or for a social sculpture of anticipation on the disappearance of bees?

Penelope (dead hare): Marlène Saldana
Ulysses (Joseph Beuys): Jonathan Drillet
Son of Autolycos 1 (Jean-Vincent Placé): Erwan Ha-Kyoon Larcher
Son of Autolycos 2 (beekeeper): Jean-Philippe Valor
Son of Autolycos 3 (Circe, siren, Poseidon, the dead, the lotus eaters): Jean-Biche
Son of Autolycos 4 (hunter): Alexandre Maillard
Son of Autolycos 5 (mermaid): Matthieu Barbin

Makeup, hairstyle: Sebastien poirier

© Michael Hart