Singular visit

THURSDAY 28 JUNE 2018, at 20H

Follow the artist Caroline Desnoëttes through this “metamorphosing” visit and go back to the source of the myth of Diana and Actaeon. Dare to enter the sacred wood which houses a cave. Here flows the Gargaphie fountain. Near the water, near the beyond, come and drink in Ovid's poetry. At every moment, the limits between the elements, the kingdoms, the species are likely to disappear to be reborn in other forms. 

Live the moment of metamorphosis in action and cross the ovidian vision of the world, ephemeral, transitory, illusory and reversible. Diane & Actaeon! Enaid & Noetca reminds us that the only law in the world is that of transformation!

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© Caroline Desnoëttes, Noecta