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What are the links between hunting and comics? From Rodolphe Töpffer, its inventor, to contemporary cartoonists Ruppert and Mulot, via Hergé, Bilal or Uderzo, all the great masters of comics have one day gone on a bubble hunt. Tracking, safari, hunting with hounds, poaching, falconry, hunter-hunted… all the figures of hunting are included in the pantheon of the 9th art.

Above all, they are the source of remarkable images that are part of the collective imagination. Who does not remember the Tintin Ford T safari in Congo? Who has never dreamed, like Obelix, of gorging on freshly "picked" wild boars?

Who has not wanted to accompany Tarzan at the end of a vine? So many creations peculiar to fantasy which are the work of exceptional artists, capable of capturing an entire universe in a few strokes of the pencil.

The Safarix exhibition offers to make the visual link between hunting and comics, through some fifty remarkable originals, cover illustrations and albums in original editions. A renewed and playful way of seeing hunting and the history of its representation, but also of considering a new art whose museological quality is now established.

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Presented in partnership with the Parcours du dessin Contemporain and with Drawing Now Paris / Le Parcours.