© Damien Deroubaix – ADAGP, 2021, Courtesy galerie In Situ

Wednesday 13 October 2021 ↦ 19h30

A contemporary tale

by Annabelle Gugnon

Once upon a time on Earth, on all six continents (one of them plastic), a humanity of polymers, hydrocarbons and mass destruction was sʼself-satisfied: "Mirror, mirror, tell us that we are the most powerful, the most innovative, the most intelligent! "

In response, the mirror reflected this truth: "Your power is your worst enemy. You know this well, you who speak of dʼanthropocene to denounce your calamitous impacts. "To ward off this state of affairs, a painter named Damien Deroubaix called upon the wisdom of animals, zoomorphic amulets from ancient times, and the powers of paint. Annabelle Gugnon has written A Contemporary Tale and delivers a unique reading of it while illustrating it with paintings by Damien Deroubaix, with whom she dialogues at the conclusion of the reading. 

Annabelle Gugnon is an art critic and author. She recently presented the work of Alice Anderson (nominated for the 2020 Marcel Duchamp Prize) at the Centre Pompidou. She is a regular contributor to Art Press and Connaissance des Arts. She is a member of the Société des Gens de Lettres and a member of the Freudian Psychoanalytic Society.

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© Damien Deroubaix – ADAGP, 2021, Courtesy galerie In Situ