MONDAY 16 AND TUESDAY 17 OCTOBER 2017, from 9h to 18h

The colloquium brings together artists, designers, architects and researchers who develop a reflection on ways of integrating living things into projects in art, design and architecture. By exhibiting living beings or vital processes, or by establishing collaborations with them, these explorations which put “life to work” contribute to the emergence of new ecologies. These projects have in common to redefine the notion of nature, by inviting us to rethink the modalities of human interventions within their environments.

It is therefore not simply the creation of new living forms that is interesting but the study of the systems of relations which are woven around these beings. One of the challenges of this collective reflection on the establishment of these new ecologies is to rethink the link between nature and technique. Practices in art, design or architecture lead in fact to explore the interweaving between vital processes and technical processes and to question the various ways that humans have to live with nature while transforming it.

Colloquium organized by Perig Pitrou in partnership with the University of Paris Sciences et Lettres and the Labex TransferS.

© Laurent Millet