"Springtime" & "Nightfall" by Jeroen Eisinga

Cinéma du réel Festival


Screening of films to be discovered in the rooms of the museum.

“It is often said that artists reveal the unfathomable. Some go further: they test the delicate balance between human beings and the forces of nature, between life and death. The fearless Jeroen Eisinga is one of them. For Springtime, he achieves a performance that is at once grotesque, bewitching and potentially deadly, allowing himself to be covered by a swarm of 200 bees. In her latest installation, the artist brings to life a haunting memory: the vision of a flock of sheep stranded on a frozen lake and gradually covered by snow.

Shot in a desolate Finnish landscape, Nightfall recreates this unreal scene that highlights our voyeuristic tendencies while posing ethical dilemmas. "
- Andréa Picard, artistic director of Cinéma du Réel.

Springtime, 2010-2011. 35mm converted to HD, NB, silent, 19'5 ''
Nightfall, 2018. Super 35 converted to 2K, NB, stereo, 56'24 ”

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