Round tables


WEDNESDAY 29 NOVEMBER 2017, from 14H to 18H

The ecological transition is a journey, individual and collective, which involves a profound transformation of our ways of inhabiting the earth, of consuming its natural resources. It is about changing our relationship to the world, therefore our representations.

Whether at the level of the individual or of organizations such as foundations and endowments, the journey is comparable and starts with awareness, a quest for meaning, care, the common, a desire to change. the world. But how do you bring about this awareness? Culture is an essential, fertile vector. With artists, whose works - nourished by this awareness - participate in building new representations, and the foundations and endowments that support them, we will discuss the challenges of transforming our imaginations and our practices.


14 p.m.-15 p.m. - Round table Foundations and committed artists: a shared journey
Introduction by Claude d'Anthenaise, director of the Museum of Hunting and Nature. With François Hers (New sponsors), Lucy Orta (artist), Anastassia Makridou-Bretonneau (Daniel & Nina Carasso Foundation) and Olivier Darné (artist). Hosted by Olivier Lerude (Ministry of Culture)

15 p.m. - 16 p.m. - Round table At the end of the road: changing practices
With Raphaël Abrille (François Sommer Foundation), Sylvain Gouraud (artist), Stéphanie Clément-Grandcourt (Tara Expéditions Foundation), Elsa Guillaume and Noémie Sauve (artists). Hosted by Olivier Lerude (Ministry of Culture)

16-18 p.m. - Film screening The memory of glaciers by Angelika Markul (winning project of the 2016 COAL Prize), presented by the artist.
The film is supported by the Polish Institute and DICRéAM.

The memory of glaciers is a myth at the confluence of science and fiction, the first part of a trilogy from the origin and existence of man to his evolution. The starting point of the film is the discovery of comet Churiumov-Guérassimenko, comet that could contain an explanation of the origin of life on earth. The video installation recounts the tragic collapse of a glacier in southern Patagonia, evoking the amputations of a gangrenous body. At the heart of these organic rocks - comets and glaciers - are equally preserved life and disappearance. Angelika Markul reveals the secrets they keep (real or fictional) through images tinged with mystery.

This afternoon is organized by the Musée de la Chasse et de la Nature, COAL, the Ministry of Culture, the French Agency for Biodiversity and the French Center for Funds and Foundations on the occasion of the 8th edition of the Prize COAL Art and Environment.

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