from June 4 to September 22 2024

1,2...4 PODIUM!
This event benefits from the Cultural Olympiad label

Carte blanche to Plonk & Replonk-Bébert

As part of the Olympic Games in Paris, the Museum of Hunting and Nature invites the Swiss collective Plonk & Replonk-Bébert to “parasite” its collections around the theme of sport. Faithful to its sidestep, the museum wanted to infuse the programming of the Cultural Olympiads with a dose of humor and surrealist poetry.

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In the museum courtyard, a brand new sports field is taking shape. A vast installation transforms this space into a revisited sports podium, inviting spectators to question the notion of victory. Is the first truly the only one to deserve his place at the top of the podium? And what about the fourth, the consecration to come or a selfie in waiting? Would he not also deserve a share of the triumph? The invitation addressed to Plonk & Replonk-Bébert continues in the rooms of the museum where around twenty works will “parasitize” the permanent collections. In this large cabinet of curiosities, these creations, imbued with humor and fantasy, catch the eye: Chardin's green collar becomes, thanks to photomontage, a skating duck on ice, while the duo imagines a sequel to the large painting baroque Meleager killing the Calydonian boar, thus revealing the “off” of this mythological hunting scene. New sporting singularities are also invented, such as canine hurdle jumping or the rooster and its competitive egg... enough to renew the next sporting competitions. With "1, 2... 4 Podium!", Plonk & Replonk-Bébert make laughter a new Olympic discipline!


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