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Evening in the museum courtyard

WEDNESDAY 6 JUNE 2018, at 19H30

“As long as there is always the edge at the end of the field, the passable limit towards new creative gestures. It is always possible to step back there for a reflection, a saving gathering. We need ideas of the kinship of primroses, not corn. When the future rushes towards us with the desert on the trail, it is better to feel the hawthorn behind your back, rather than a wall of certainties ”(The companion plant, Pierre Lieutaghi, South Actes, 1998)

Around the installation "Forest and pickings" proposed by the workshop Le Balto in the courtyard of the museum on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the magazine Landscape Notebooks.

On the occasion of the release of the anniversary issue of the journal Landscape Notebooks, “Paysages en commun”, co-published by Actes Sud and the National School of Landscape of Versailles, and the issue of number 12 of the review Billebaude, “Pick”, we invite you to discover the two reviews around a discussion on wild plants and gathering as possibilities to think about common practices and landscapes.

With Eugénie Denarnaud, landscape designer and artist
Marc Vatinel, “gardener”, member of the le balto workshop
Mélanie Congretel, agronomist and environmental anthropologist

Evening hosted by Anne de Malleray for the review Billebaude and Giulio Giorgi for The Carnets du paysage.

The installation "Forest and picking" is a co-production of the National School of Landscape and the Museum of Hunting and Nature. It has received support from the Bonduelle Foundation.

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