Poem written and read by Martin Rueff


WEDNESDAY 23 MAY 2018, at 19H30

“Diana the Titanian seen and naked curses him and sprinkles it in Gargaphia. He wants his pack. 36. They are 36 the dogs that Actaeon calls to protect him from the stag he has become. His voice, in a hoarse slab, attracts them, who devour him and feed on his blood. They slash their master under the false image of a stag, says the barbarian poet. Terrible dramatization of the hunted hunter, and which passes through the voice, this deep secret of us. It will therefore not be a question of spreading the skin of a deer, nor of getting into it, but of to show how one can have a deer in the throat. Elocutionary disappearance? At bay, between groans and cries, the roar of names, and a few threnes. "

An event organized as part of the Periphery of the 36th Poetry Market.

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© Martin Rueff / DR