Wednesday 13 February 2019, at 19h30

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The fashion and textile designer, visual artist, Aurore Thibout presents her clothes made of silk, woven wood and paper. Pieces born from his dialogues with the exceptional weavers of the Tango region in Japan: Tamiya Raden and his veined wood weaving, or the “Katazome” craftsman Akasaka Taketoshi, a specialist in stencil patterns on Washi paper. 

Kujoyama in 2015, she revisits unique techniques, imprints of time and cultures in a hymn to nature and secular know-how. The colors extracted from the plants and applied with a brush reveal between light and shadow the lace patterns from the archives of the City of Fashion and Calais lace. A meeting of the plant, animal and mineral world at the heart of the garment in a dialogue beyond borders. On the occasion of this night, the rooms will be animated and inhabited, recreating the link between the earth, the individual and spirituality.


Designed to welcome the invitation made to Villa Kujoyama by the Première Vision / Maison d'Exceptions show, this event is part of the continuity of the partnership established between the museum and the Villa.

© photography Bertrand Sion