Billebaude n ° 16

The art of decoy

Release August 26, 2020

Disappear, disguise, play tricks, attract or frighten, lure or be lured ... This issue explores the practices of luring between the living, as well over the long period of evolution, such as mimicry or camouflage, than at the level of individual and collective interactions.

The iconography of this issue seeks to forge links and points of contact between nature, art and artifice by questioning the modern separation between nature and culture.

The question of the lure could at first glance consolidate us in a vision of nature as a war of all against all - with deceivers and deceived, each defending selfish interests. This is the interpretation that is proposed in part of the scientific literature in ethology as in evolutionary biology.

But are there not, however, dimensions that escape us? We will try to understand what is at play in these relationships by crossing the eyes of biologists, ethologists, anthropologists, philosophers and artists. By following in the footsteps of the deer which misleads dogs, those of insects attracted to flowers or even biologists who share their wonder at the tricks of the animals they study - transformist octopuses, mimetic butterflies or snails "disguised" as lichen. we wonder what the art of decoy can teach us about other living beings. We seek to see the “art of decoy” as a shared practice of imitation, cunning, cross-dressing and camouflage.


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