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On Wednesday 24 April 2019, from 18h to 21h30, free admission


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The Museum of Hunting and Nature hosts one of the components of the exhibition [Apokatastasis] which is conceived in three places. It is organized in the manner of a triptych that would encourage a contemplative and spiritual approach to nature. At the shutter [Apokatastasis] - Interior Garden, presented at the museum, corresponds [Apokatastasis] Garden of Meditations at Vent des Forêts, center of rural art in Meuse and [Apokatastasis] Catafalque of Mother-of-Pearlat the Maubert Gallery. With these different devices, Erik Nussbicker invites us to perceive the principle of life which, beyond individual destinies, of our existence and of our death, circulates in all its components according to a permanent transformation.

This is the meaning of his bird-shaped birdhouses that he disperses in the Meuse forest or hangs in the museum halls. It is also the vocation of the instruments that he carries out with animal or human bones and to which his breath allows again to participate in the great vibration of the world. Erik Nussbicker's approach sometimes combines ancestral forms and practices with 3D printing technology, with resonant skulls or webcam-mediated viewing points for meditation.

"Ritualizing the signs and trials of everyday life materializes the story of a dream, a vector of unity and love. To say or even to think that word <love> separates us. I prefer action to the statement of what animates everything. The resistance of a drop of water or the varnish of a reed sings its name better than the words. Only the expression of the intimate finds grace in my eyes. The brilliance of mother-of-pearl is the fruit of a life that is only revealed at its end. These modest proofs of existence leave a masterpiece of non-will that breaks down the light. "

The deliberately mysterious title of this proposition affirms its spiritual character. In religious terms, Apocatastasis refers to the final restoration of all things in their original state. In his work where meditation is central, Erik Nussbicker aims at the fusion of the intimate and the universal. Inserting his artistic practice into a natural or cultural environment, he wants to reflect a state of being, to question atavistic fears and to provoke introspection or wonder.

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62, rue des Archives 75003 Paris

The museum is open every day except Mondays and holidays, from 11h to 18h, from 11h to 21h30 on Wednesdays.

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