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SPEAP, Experimentation program in arts and politics (Bruno Latour and Frédérique Aït-Touati)

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Mercredi juin 28 2017
of 18h00 to 21h30
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This exhibition seeks to draw a passage, a way, to enter the landscape, to move from the position of exteriority to nature which characterizes our imagination and our modern representations, to an exploration of the interior.
By following the animal trail, the network that a globalized agricultural plant, corn, weaves very locally between humans and non-humans, or even in the footsteps of ecologists, hunters, farmers, equipped with their tools and their techniques, the artists offer another perspective on the landscape, which is no longer a decoration shaped to be pleasing to the human eye, but a living territory, made up of relationships between us, humans, and living and active entities.

Driven by a multidisciplinary approach, at the crossroads of natural sciences, social sciences and art, these works investigate another way of representing nature, from the inside, that is to say in relation to the living who inhabit it. The framework of these works is made of presences, traces, stories, techniques and human and non-human testimonies collected on the territory of Belval (Ardennes), hunting area, place of research on biodiversity and residence of artists from the François Sommer Foundation, on which the Hunting and Nature Museum depends.

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With Alexandra Arènes, Thierry Boutonnier, Sylvain Gouraud, Sonia Lévy, Baptiste Morizot, Estelle Zhong Mengual

Thanks to the National Hunting and Wildlife Office for the images of the work Animal Passage.

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