14e European Night of Museums


SATURDAY 19 MAY 2018, from 19H00 to MIDNIGHT

“A museum like a house”: this is sometimes the definition of the Museum of Hunting and Nature. On the occasion of the 14th European Night of Museums, the hotels of Guénégaud and Mongelas are opening their doors to another “house”, to a prestigious artists' residence. Interior courtyards, cabinets and lounges of the museum are entrusted, for one night, to the residents and former residents of the Kujoyama villa in Kyoto. An attempt at hybridization between two homes on the antipodes, the evening's program offers a stroll between performances and installations which merges the atmospheres of two houses as unique as they are hospitable to artists and creation.

Villa Kujoyama, built in 1992 by architect Kunio Kato, is today one of the oldest and most prestigious artistic research residency programs in Asia. Villa Kujoyama is an establishment of the French Institute in Japan and benefits from the support of the Bettencourt-Schueller Foundation and the French Institute. This 14th Night of Museums is the opportunity to continue with festive brilliance the partnership initiated in 2016 between the Museum of Hunting and Nature and the Villa Kujoyama.

Who are the animals?
Video competition
During the evening, the videos selected to compete for the 10th edition of the Museum Night Prize of the Museum of Hunting and Nature will also be shown. Students from art schools and university “cinema” and “plastic arts” courses are invited to consider the question: Who are animals?

© Villa Kujoyama, Jeroen Eisinga