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Launched in 2012 by the François Sommer Foundation and the Glénat Editions, Billebaude is a journal of exploration and reflection on the uses and representations of nature.

Each semester, the magazine offers around a theme - the wolf, the forest, rurality, etc. - contributions from researchers, journalists, actors in the field, artists. In a spirit of openness, the journal forges links between the world of research, art and that of environmental management around the issues of nature conservation. Aware that the ecological and economic crisis calls for the reconstruction of new knowledge where science dialogues with culture and management with traditional knowledge and practices, the journal functions as a laboratory of ideas and exchanges.

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Billebaude n ° 16


Released on August 26

Disappear, disguise, play tricks, attract or frighten, lure or be lured ... This issue explores the practices of luring between the living, as well over the long period of evolution, such as mimicry or camouflage, than at the level of individual and collective interactions.

The iconography of this issue seeks to forge links and points of contact between nature, art and artifice by questioning the modern separation between nature and culture.

The question of the lure could at first glance consolidate us in a vision of nature as a war of all against all - with deceivers and deceived, each defending selfish interests. This is the interpretation that is proposed in part of the scientific literature in ethology as in evolutionary biology.



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