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96 pages, 230 x 300 mm
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Launched in 2012 by the François Sommer Foundation and the Glénat Editions, Billebaude is a review of exploration and reflection on the uses and representations of nature.

Each semester, the magazine proposes around a theme - the wolf, the forest, the rurality, etc. -, contributions from researchers, journalists, actors in the field, artists. In a spirit of openness, the journal connects the world of research, art and environmental management around conservation issues. Aware that the ecological and economic crisis invites us to recompose a new knowledge in which science interacts with culture and management with traditional knowledge and practices, the journal functions as a laboratory of ideas and exchanges.

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The remarkable diversity of forms and colors of the living has helped to shape our imaginations and our arts. His songs have also inspired our musical compositions, yet our bias of visual primates generally makes us less sensitive to the richness of the sound worlds around us. By immersing ourselves in the scores of the living, this issue proposes to pay attention to the exchanges of vibrations and sounds - intra- but also interspecific - to communicate, to share territories, to reproduce ... From there, could we imagine other ways of communicating with the living, to get along better?



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