Mylinh Nguyen

Des petits dieux de misère

Du 30 mai au 4 septembre 2016


Petits dieux de misère, © Nico Peltier

A propos

The little gods of misery took shape in Kyoto, in 2015, during the artist’s residence at Villa Kujoyama. They fit into the continuity of the creator’s work around paradoxes and contrasts: grace and unease, the world of mechanics and the world of the living…

Presented in the form of an audio installation, they are the result of a collaboration with Pablo Salaün. A graduate in textiles from the Ecole Duperré and in metalwork from the Ecole Olivier de Serres, Mylinh Nguyen is specialised in turning coppery metals.

Since 2002, she has been working on the creation of objects and accessories with this rare technique. In 2013 she was awarded the Liliane Bettencourt prize for Intelligence of the Hands.